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Group activities are important. They help employees understand strengths and weaknesses, build better relationships, and offer a fun break from the daily grind.

If you’re picturing trust falls and cheesy icebreakers, think again. We’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite group activities that are sure to leave your group stronger, smarter, and more productive.

1. Scavenger Hunts

Bring your team together for an activity that requires a collaborative effort and lots of energy! Scavenger hunts are an exciting and active way for your group to focus on their problem solving and time management abilities. Divide your group into teams have them use their decision-making skills to race against the clock collecting items, taking pictures, and completing trivia and physical and mental challenges throughout the surrounding area. Teams are given maps of the area and clues. The team who completes the most challenges in the shortest time are the victors!

2. Human Knot

Human KnotThis is a fun one and can be done virtually anywhere without any equipment. This is a great way for new and veteran employees to learn how to communicate and work together in close proximity. Have your team stand in a circle, facing in. Everyone should reach across the circle and grab the hand of someone else. Do this with the other hand, making sure not to hold hands with the same person twice, or anyone directly adjacent. Then have the group “untie the knot” without letting go of anyone’s hand!

3. Team Olympics

Team Olympics provide your staff an opportunity to reignite their enthusiasm for the work that you do through fun, wacky challenges and a day of outdoor adventure. Medals are given, and team appreciations are shared. You can also create custom themes for your games, like the wild west, seasonal, or indoor events!

4. Networking Events

NetworkingNetworking events can be a great way to get your team together in an informal setting, while meeting other professionals in your industry. These events allow your group to cultivate a sense of community, purpose, and growth. Be sure to foster collaboration, communication, and a shared purpose to get the most out of your event.


5. Amazing Race

“The Amazing Race” has captivated audiences worldwide for twenty seasons. On TV, contestants race around the world, each team striving not to come in last to avoid elimination from the next leg. Experience your own Amazing Race composed of detours, roadblocks and challenges that don’t require international travel. Each leg of the race should contain opportunities for teams and individuals to rise to the occasion, facilitating trust, efficiency, and communication.

6. Volunteer Projects

At Positive Adventures, we believe strongly in corporate social responsibility and giving back. Bring your team together while making a positive impact in your community. Whether you choose a cleanup initiative, beautification project, or volunteering with a local charity organization, you’ll teach your crew about teamwork, social responsibility, and the importance of investing in the community. Check out our list of 13 San Diego charities leading the way in service.

7. Sandcastle Building

This program will challenge your company to work together, manage a plan, and create fun, lasting memories. Teams will have to pool together their imaginations and creativity to strategically plan and design their structure while dividing their talents. Boost your event by hosting trivia questions to earn tools before construction begins. There’s nothing like a good team beach day and some fun in the sun!

8. Kickball

Sports can be a good team building exercise that shows employees and management how to come together in pursuit of a common goal. As the rules are fairly simple, and team members of any athletic ability can play. Whether you start a company league or simply host a pickup game, you’ll develop teamwork and sportsmanship, all while having fun!

9. Happy Hour

A study from the University of Pittsburgh has shown that moderate amounts of alcohol can improve social bonding and relieve negative emotions. Unwinding over a glass of wine or a pint of beer can be a fantastic team bonding activity for your group to come together away from the pressures of the office. Remember to drink responsibly!

10. Cooking Contests

Combine a gourmet appetizer and an exciting team building program for an experience your team won’t soon forget. With the Positive Adventures Culinary Camaraderie program, fun-loving and professional chefs will guide your team in designing and creating a delicious appetizer. After the challenge is complete, the group will get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Are you ready to challenge and excite your team? Contact us to create the perfect event for your staff that will help them grow personally and professionally!


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  1. Jessica Simmons August 8, 2018 at 2:53 pm #

    That is an excellent list. I would like to add one more to it though – escape room games. They have proven to offer multiple team building benefits, from improved communication to learning to work together. When we share fun times, it does help us bond together better.

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