By Joe Pagano
General Manager, Positive Adventures

“TGIF!”…How many of you are in, or have been in a work environment where this is said every Friday morning? Of course, all of us have and we have all said it ourselves. It’s proudly boasted either as you walk in the door, or it’s shouted at the end of the day as if we are in a video for “School’s out for Summer”. Just think, in less than eight hours we get out of this place…well, until we have to be back in two days (don’t’ even think about that). Don’t get me wrong, even those of us in great work situations get excited to get time to ourselves, our families, etc. But I envision a new normal, where on Monday morning we also say TGIM!

My favorite “life lesson” from my father is “You better like what you do, ‘cause you spend a lot of time doing it”. I have always tried to live by this. It means even more to me since I know my father worked extremely hard, but was not always happy. He sacrificed for us and wanted nothing more than for his kids to do even better than himself. It’s by far my favorite thing about my dad. I have been in some great situations in my career and I have been in situations that I knew weren’t right, but I stuck it out to pay the bills. And I get it, it’s hard to provide AND be happy all the time.

What we have to try and do is put ourselves on a path that feels like it is moving in the right direction. Continue on this positive path and strive to integrate your work and personal life. Be authentic and the right situation will find you.

There are simple things you can do that can make a huge difference in both your day and the days of the people around you. Here is an example that is extremely powerful; think of someone in your workplace that inspires you, makes you laugh, or you just have a bond with. Now, tell them! That’s it. Start your day by telling (or emailing or texting) someone else how much you appreciate them and how they make work better. Make it quick, nothing too long. You will see that this simple task will make them feel great and this positivity will stay with you throughout the day as well. Try and make small habit changes like this and the benefits will be amazing.

Have a great week!




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