What’s the cancellation policy?
There is a $200 deposit due upon registration. $200 deposit becomes non-refundable after May 1, 2021.

Are there health requirements?
Parents will be asked to complete a thorough health survey for their children several days prior and up to the first day of camp, and all campers (and camp counselors) will also be daily temperature screened at the start of every morning prior to any activities.

Will there be temperature-checks?
Yes! All campers and staff will be temperature-checked daily prior to camp activities getting started.

Are there any additional protocols beyond CDC recommendations?
Please see below.

Who will be providing meals?
The camp provides meals for overnight campers; day campers are responsible for bringing a morning snack and a packed lunch.

Will water be provided?
Yes, all children are responsible for bringing an eco-friendly sports water bottle filled with water each morning, and water refill stations are available.

Will sunscreen and hand sanitizer be provided?
Yes, both will be provided in individual sizes within camper safety kits. Additional supplies will be available for campers should they need a refill of either.

Can private groupings of friends and family be requested?
Yes, if you have friends, families or neighbors that you are interested in building a customized day camp group with, Positive Adventures will allow up to 12 children within the day camp, with a total cost tuition package of $4,980 (tuition does not include safety kits). Custom camps can run with less than 12 children if requested, at which point individual camper tuition rates are determined based on number of total campers requested within the camp. (i.e. 10 campers, $4,980 custom tuition package, $498/week per camper.)

Minor program modifications may need to be made on a daily basis if Explorer & Navigator age groups are combined within these custom camp groupings.

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