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joshua tree pilgrim school

Pilgrim School

The Los Angeles based Pilgrim School pride themselves of providing individual attention to each of their K-12 students.  The Head of School, Dr. Mark A. Brooks, explains,

“Whether it is guiding a Junior Kindergartener through rhyming sounds, coaching fourth graders in team sports, helping middle school students learn organizational strategies or guiding our high school students through the college application process, Pilgrim has a team of professional and caring faculty and staff members to work with [students].”

Personal attention to the needs and talents of attendees is the foundation for the school’s motto and mission statement, which is, in a powerful brevity, “we grow students”.

What best encourages personal development?  Brooks continues, saying,

“Pilgrim’s nurturing environment allows our students to take risks – safe risks that inspire personal growth.  There are no try-outs for school plays, cheer team, yearbook, athletics, or any other extracurricular activities.  On the contrary, we actively encourage our students to try out new activities and be well-rounded individuals.”

So when Pilgrim School chaperones were designing their desert exploration of Joshua Tree National Park, they knew that they wanted to enlist the help of a progressive and nurturing outdoor education company who shared many of their same ideals.

Ryan Shorthill at Joshua Tree Pilgrim School

Enter Positive Adventures’ CEO Ryan Shortill, veteran desert explorer.

Positive Adventures tailors each of its programs to the needs of the client, and was able to provide Pilgrim School with the same personal attention and focus on personal development that they offer each of their bright students.  It didn’t hurt that Positive Adventures also employs the most experienced and professional trip leaders in the industry to lead their experiences.

Joshua Tree trip leader

Mustache Meg, trip leader extraordinaire.

No comment.

And what our trip designers provided for the Pilgrim School was a thorough exploration of Joshua Tree National Park, which focused on desert ecosystems and geological formations.

Students couldn’t help but notice the abundance of desert flora and fauna that swayed in the gentle winds and scampered away as they hiked their way to Gun Sight Canyon, through Rattlesnake Canyon, and towards Indian Cove.

desert adventure retreat

joshua tree adventures

Interested students also learned how to make a scorpion trap out of a plastic water bottle.

scorpion trap in joshua tree

From there, it was only the dusty road from Indian Cove:

trails in Joshua Tree

The Dusty Trail…

rock climbing fun

Surf’s Up!

rock climbing in Joshua Tree

Some light rock scrambling

And though we pride ourselves on the adaptability we can provide to groups of all ages and skill levels, there is one thing that we usually insist on:


Organic meals and plenty of organic snacks for everyone that attends a Positive Adventures experience!

This adventure ended with a night sleeping under the stars without tents, so as to observe the incredible night sky more completely.

dusk in Joshua Tree, CA

If you’re interested in joining this amazing group of young people, be sure to visit the Pilgrim School website.

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