As many of us adapt to a new way of working from home, we’ve created a series of remote team building programs 30 minutes to 2 hours in length to support groups of all sizes. Keep your colleagues motivated, inspired and connected with a virtual team activity!

Virtual Team Building Programs Include: 

  • All pre-program coordination and logistics
  • Pre-program what to expect document and instructions
  • Virtual Emcee for the day of the event
  • Virtual Zoom management to connect participants and create community

Additional Program Options: 

Creating a Culture of Resilience

Virtual Corporate Caring Programs

Virtual Food & Drink Classes

Fight COVID 19 Virtual 5k

Virtual Team Wellness 


Virtual Escape Room 

This team-building program is a classic take on the fun, exciting, and challenging Escape Room phenomenon. Using Zoom breakout rooms your group will be divided into teams. Each team will be tasked with unlocking challenges from clues in the room and the timer is on to escape! The game is queued up for each player using a smartphone or tablet. Our Emcee will brief all participants at the start and pop into each breakout room, as needed, to offer up clues and encouragement.  To conclude the program we bring all participants back into the Zoom meeting to debrief and announce the winners! 

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

This at-home twist on a classic team building activity requires a collaborative effort and lots of energy! Our Virtual Scavenger Hunt is an exciting and active way for your group to focus on their problem solving and time management abilities. Teams will use their decision-making skills to complete brain benders and hilarious at-home challenges while racing against the clock.

Game Show Night

This team-building program is inspired by some classic and popular TV game shows such as The Price is Right, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud! Groups are divided into teams and are guided through the game show by our Emcee. Each team must work together, strategize and test their knowledge. Guaranteed to be fun for everyone with lots of laughter and learning!

Virtual Improv Games to Make You Laugh 

The power of laughter is undeniable! When we are having fun, interacting with our peers and experiencing new things we feel better. In this improvisational workshop, groups will work together in a series of games and activities designed to make you laugh and have fun!

The Team Quiz

This social challenge is designed to replace that after-work social such as a team happy hour. This virtual Trivia Night enables teams to connect, have some fun and get competitive. Via video conferencing software and one of our event facilitators, you’ll be up against your colleagues to see who can score the highest points. With plenty of laughs, this challenge creates that feeling of unity without the need to actually be together.

Interactive Murder Mystery

It’s no mystery that entertainment & laughter are needed at this time. During this event, your group has been brought in to investigate a murder! Teams will work together to examine and unlock key evidence such as witness statements, suspect interviews, and more. As you explore the crime scene via an interactive map, you’ll complete tasks and challenges to assist with your investigation.


Throughout this interactive murder mystery, points will be awarded for successfully completing observational and trivia questions, as well as fun photo and video tasks.

Interactive Magic Experience 

Shake things up at your next meeting or provide a special experience for your team with our fun and entertaining magic show! This highly interactive magic and mind-reading experience will surprise even the most seasoned professionals.

Dance It Out With the Pros

This experience will have your team grooving and shaking while learning more about popular dance styles and movements! Choose from dance program themes such as Choreography with 3XT and Trend Setters or have our dance professionals create a special theme based on your meeting goals. 

Learn Fun Choreography with 3XT

Feel like a star right where you are. Train with Ferly Prado and Alex Kaye, back up dancers for many stars like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Usher, Rihanna. Ferly and Alex create a safe and fun-filled environment where participants let loose while learning to take control and ownership of their bodies, resulting in more confidence and more respect to self and others. Participants learn 3XT choreographed routines as well as routines the ladies have performed next to music’s biggest stars.The mission is to allow dance to do its magic in one’s life while showing them exactly what they are capable of. Everyone is a star in their own right!

Trend Setters

Set the trends, be original. Learn what makes popular dance trends work and learn the skills to make up your own! Half of the class is dedicated to learning dance steps to increase one’s dance vocabulary. The other half we break down what it takes to choreograph a short dance. We talk about music choices, musicality, messaging, energy transmission, and dancing in frame. Creativity is unleashed!

Virtual Off-Site Day

The ultimate challenge to encourage teams to work together and collaborate while having loads of fun. Score as many points as possible before you run out of time! With our app loaded on either a smartphone or tablet device, individuals will join other colleagues as part of a remote team visible to each other via Zoom video conferencing software. Teams will be faced with two styles of trivia questions; ‘host led’ or ‘all in’. Fun and fast-paced, decisions as a team need to be made as to the best answer to each question in order to win maximum points.

Team strategy is the key to winning this challenge; players must communicate and work with their remote teammates in order to progress. All while racing against the ticking clock!

Virtual Paint Night 

Bring the paint party to your home with our live interactive painting class. Using artwork designed by a local artist for inspiration, we make it easy for your group to perfect your painting skills. Even those who don’t consider themselves an artist will feel like a Picasso for a day!


Produced on the Zoom platform, our interactive event will start with a group activity to kick things off. Next, our art professional is on hand to teach you all about the art of painting. Finally, put your newly acquired knowledge to use as you create your own work of art to proudly display in the space of your choosing.

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