Our Virtual leadership Training programs will strengthen communication and leadership skills through group participation and discussion.

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L.E.A.D with Feedback

Giving constructive feedback can be hard, however, providing impactful feedback is an essential act in developing relationships, communicating productively, and elevating the work of others.

This workshop breaks down the challenges of giving impactful feedback. Through our own L.E.A.D feedback framework and experiential activities, participants will develop the necessary skills to have the challenging conversations that lead to a thriving company culture.

Building High-Performance Teams

The key to team performance rests in three key elements. High performing teams achieve unmatched alignment between these three key elements.

This interactive workshop takes an experiential approach, resulting in an engaging and memorable learning experience.

Managing Change

Change is challenging.  It is important to know effective steps of change and couple these steps with a better understanding of the mindset needed to support change.

In this workshop, participants will learn why change is so difficult, and how to support positive steps, and mindsets, toward change.

Conversations that Work

In leadership positions communication is key. Leaders can learn how to tell people what to do less and coach them to make better decisions for success.

This workshop trains managers to facilitate coaching conversations to draw out the strength in decision making from their teams.




What are the programs like?

Each program is led by one of our professional development facilitators. Our facilitators have years of organizational leadership experience and various coaching certificates.

We will present a series of initiatives that are fun, interactive and experiential while promoting learning and growth through group participation and discussion

It’s time for your organization to focus on the interactions and relations of building strong teams.

We have facilitators nationwide ready to lead your program wherever you are and we can adapt any program to meet your needs.
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