Hortonworks’ Amazing Race!

It’s really no secret that Hortonworks is continuing to receive national recognition for their distribution of Apache Hadoop, which is one the major open source platforms for storing and utilizing large data.  The company — which was formed partially by Yahoo! in 2011 — has seen explosive growth since its inception largely due to the high quality of its core values and the comprehensiveness with which those values guide their customer service.  It doesn’t take long to realize that Hortonworks‘ emphases on clear and direct communication and their passion for their community is a significant component of why their loyal customer base will rave about the company, and it didn’t take Positive Adventures trip leaders much longer notice that the company’s core values follow the employees long after they leave their building.

As such, Positive Adventures’ trip designers met with Hortonworks to create an event that would best synthesize the strengths of the company’s personnel into a series of team building initiatives.  And we decided to organize those initiatives using an Amazing Race theme that began just outside Petco park in beautiful downtown San Diego.

Get Ready....

Get Ready….

We set up four challenge stations that tested each team’s collaborative capabilities.  However, in order for the team to discover where the next challenge was offered, they would have to earn clues by besting the task at hand.  The challenges tested all manner of each team’s abilities, from the more cerebral — like solving math problems as a group — to artistic endeavors — like writing a poem.

What each member of the team found in utilizing their resources to overcome various “roadblocks” and “detours” that kept them from the next initiative was that each challenge not only brought the group closer together as a team, but that using some resources efficiently required each member to play on his or her strengths as a manager.  Indeed, the best groups included a broad array of viewpoints and talents, and these initiatives provided an avenue for that discovery.



And the group that was best able to use its talents received a substantial cash prize at the end of the day.  Through it all, however, each team demonstrated the company’s core values with excitement and passion, and it made working with Hortonworks a true pleasure.



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