Camp Surf with Clairbourn School

Prestigious schools like Clairbourn School have a commitment to excellence that requires offering their students the best outdoor experiences on the market.  So when they contacted Positive Adventures for a five day surfing, camping, and community service expedition, group leaders Ryan Shortill, Jason Graham, and Meg Gneiting designed a top quality program with a special emphasis on creating a more cohesive student body among those attending.

And what Ryan, Jason, and Meg provided for Clairbourn School was an experience that mirrored their specifications, with activities and materials that would best supplement the unique number and skill range of their participants.

The first annual Camp Surf with Clairbourn School was on!

This excursion began with three days of surfing, and it was only a matter of time before the majority of our quick-learning students were able to stand up on their boards!

They also learned how to stand up on their boards in the water, for the record.

Throughout their adventure, students camped in shore-side cabins and had their fresh, organic meals provided by Positive Adventures right on the beach.

From there, students learned about giving back to their community with the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve, as they picked up hundreds of pounds of trash along the coast.  The main conflicts that face the reserve “include habitat conservation and restoration, endangered species management, management of the wastewater from Mexico, sediment management, and the integration of recreation.”  Students learned about the importance of these issues while directly effecting change through their own habitat conservation and restoration, and they discovered how simple it could be!

Just pick up your trash!

For the last day of their trip, Clairbourn School was treated to some kayaking and outrigger canoeing, which many kids recorded as being another highlight of the trip.  During downtime the students learned to play ga-ga-ball, a variation of dodgeball, and a variety of other games that trip leaders have at their disposal for the duration of the program.

As the trip was winding down on the last day, and the students remembered that they would have to go back to school soon, a number of the 8th graders expressed a bit of anxiety about graduation and being split up from their friends to attend different high schools.  Positive Adventures’ CEO Ryan Shortill expected that this might be the case during this turbulent time in their young lives and was able to deliver another rendition of his famous “Greatest World Leaders” oratory in conjunction with his own right of passage.

Interested in hearing and experiencing Ryan’s leadership initiatives for yourself?

Book a Positive Adventures program today with Ryan S, Meg G or Jered C!

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