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Recommended Team Building Programs By Season

Your business must operate nearly 24 hours a day for all 365 days of the year in order to get the very most out of every opportunity that arises. Providing team building programs throughout the year will help drive the overall success of your company, but we are sure that you already know that. The […]

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22 Terrific Tips to Create a Green Office Space

Any office space has the potential to be transformed into a green office. By green, we of course do not mean painting the walls green – we are talking about implementing environmentally friendly, money saving, mood-boosting, eco-conscious materials and routines into your office space. At Positive Adventures, we believe that living a greener existence makes for […]

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Why Outdoor Education is Vital for Today’s Youth

Today’s youth live in a virtual world disconnected from the real world. On average, kids today spend over six hours in front of a screen! Yikes! What do you think the benefits would be if we could get these kids to unplug and get in tune with nature? This is where Outdoor Education comes in. Outdoor […]

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The 3 Types of Corporate Retreats Your Team Should Consider

Leadership, collectivism, direction, education and fun are just a few reasons that many corporations decide to participate in retreats. Of the three main types of corporate retreats, finding the correct one that works for you and your team is crucial to the success of the retreat. Whether you are running a company of 15 or 1,500, investing […]

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8 Ridiculously Fun and Easy Team Building Activities

Your team is like a machine; it’s efficient when it is well taken care of and all parts are working together. It is also like a machine in the sense that if maintenance is neglected, it won’t be nearly as effective as it should be. Everyone has their unique strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. By […]

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TGIM – It’s the People

By Joe Pagano General Manager, Positive Adventures For the past three weeks we had the pleasure of having an intern from a local high school here in San Diego become a part of our team. Typical internships, especially at such a young age, are filled with menial tasks like filing and assistant work…we’ve all been […]

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Giving Back: The Power of Service to Others

By Ryan Shortill, Founder/CEO Positive Adventures There was an orientation towards service in my family. As a child I was proud to have an Army helicopter pilot for a father and a night shift nurse for a mother. My extended family included a great uncle, a priest and legendary great aunts who taught their entire […]

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A Modern Day Conundrum: Drought & Bottled Water

This excerpt was written by our very own COO, Alicia Dolan, after a recent trip to the Bay Area: Drought & Bottled Water? As our website states and our actions have shown, “Positive Adventures cares about the community we live in and we are committed to giving back both socially and environmentally.” We reuse as […]

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Ryan S named one of 40 Under 40

Out of over one hundred applications, each year 40 people under 40 years old are selected for their contribution to their profession, industry, or the San Diego community. The winners will be honored at a banquet at the end of September. The 2013 40 under 40 are the some of the best and brightest citizens […]

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3 Great Do-It-Yourself Team Building Activities

If you don’t have much time or space, but you want to do something with your group to build up morale and communication, here are three activities from our bag o’ tricks that you can do in-house: #1 – Hula Hoop Pass Have your group stand in a circle holding hands and pass a hula […]

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