6 Tips for Planning Virtual Team Building Events

The virtual world does come with new considerations in your planning process for virtual team building events. Here are some of the key things we have found make or break a virtual program.

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6 Curriculum Enrichment Ideas for Distance Learning

A list of fun hands-on activities to bring students joy while easing the burden felt by many educators during the time of COVID-19.

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Socially Distanced Corporate Outreach with UNUM

When UNUM’s 2020 National Sales Conference was canceled, they called on Positive Adventures to help honor their commitment to service and a gift of over $25,000 worth of donations to local nonprofits. Our team went to work creating a socially distant way to have the donations delivered on time – a project originally planned for 150 people.

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5 Tips to Conquer Virtual Meeting Fatigue

At this point in the pandemic, every person working from home has spent at least 725 billion hours on virtual meetings. What started as a relatively novel way to connect during a pandemic has quickly turned into one of the most mind-numbing parts of the workday. We have all learned to respond in different ways. […]

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How A Virtual Event Helped Bird Rock Systems Stay Connected With Clients

With the onset of the global pandemic, we developed unique virtual team building events to strengthen company culture and keep teams feeling motivated while working in a remote environment. 

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6 Ways to Reclaim Self-Care This Summer

As we move into the summer months with the world still operating at pandemic capacity, we recognize that all parents need some serious rest and relaxation.

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4 Factors That Impact Workspace Productivity

Research shows that these four environmental factors play a major role in your effectiveness and experience at work. 

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4 Ways to Make Virtual Meetings Highly Engaging

No one enjoys feeling tired and unfocused during a meeting, so why subject yourself to that? Implement one of these activity ideas into your next virtual meeting to make it fun and engaging.

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Parenting During A Pandemic

Working full-time, combined with parenting during a Pandemic has impacted many of us. The uncertainty of how to adjust in this new “normal” is something everyone is grappling with. Our CEO Melissa Lopez shares some of her reflections on how she is focusing her time and energy during these days.

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Why We Need Camp Right Now

With all that’s happening this year, summer camp is more important than ever.

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