Biomed Realty’s Holiday Party

Biomed Realty is a very unique entrepreneurial company.  Not only do they have a group of professionals that are trained using “the unique skills and specialized expertise in life science and biotech real estate, finance, development, construction, property management and law”, but they cultivate strong, local geographic ties wherever they choose to conduct business.  In addition, Biomed only chooses to work with the best property management teams who possess “the wide-ranging skills required to operate and manage our facilities to provide the best research and working environments for our tenants.”

And it’s precisely this commitment to excellence that inspired San Diego’s Biomed Realty to sign up with Positive Adventures three years ago to conduct their employee holiday party.  However, Biomed wanted to make sure that even their holiday party would embody the issues that are important to them as a company: namely, corporate social responsibility and service projects.  In conjunction with the program designers at Positive Adventures, Biomed has just recently launched its most recent holiday party/service project.  The two companies share many of the same ideals and goals, and together they agreed that they should continue looking for new charities to work with, while continuing to ensure that the employees that attend the party have an amazing time.

Three years ago, Positive Adventures and Biomed Realty built and donated 17 bicycles, and two years ago they donated 16 bags worth of gifts to Neighborhood Healthcare. The bags included things like gift cards to grocery stores, iPods, tennis shoes, clothing, new mother baby bags, and toys.

But this year the two companies broke new ground with a “24” themed corporate holiday party, and the results of the initiatives that employees engaged in for that party helped to donate camping gear and supplies for the San Diego Center for Children.  Biomed Realty has also kindly raised money for Positive Adventures to take a group of kids from the center, all of whom will be outfitted with their brand new camping gear, out for a Positive Adventures good time in the great outdoors!

Positive Adventures has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, but we’re especially thankful for the traditions we count ourselves lucky to be a part of.  So here’s to the third annual Biomed Realty holiday party and service project, and we look forward to many returns of the day.

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