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Team building has an impressive track record that’s hard to ignore. From improving communication to learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses to enhancing creative problem-solving skills, team building activities can make your group a well-oiled machine. We have compiled eight activities that are fun, challenging, and great for all ages and group sizes.

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Team Building Activities: No Props Necessary

1) Name of the Game: Guess the Leader/Copycat | Duration: 15-20 minutes | Purpose: Warm Up Activity

Description: For this team building activity, choose a ‘guesser’ to leave the room, so they will not have the knowledge of who the leader will be. The guesser’s job is to identify the leader of the group. Next, have everyone sit or stand in a circle and determine whom the leader will be. The leader’s job is to make movements that everyone will be able to copy at the same pace, therefore challenging the guesser. Once the leader has been chosen, the guesser will come back into the room and stand in the center of the circle. That’s when the fun begins. The leader will start making any movements he/she wants (waving their arms, rubbing their belly, patting their head, jumping, etc.). The followers will have to try their best to mimic these movements and make minimal eye contact with the leader so they won’t give away whom it is.

As time progresses and the leader hasn’t been caught, they should speed up and make the moves more challenging.

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Team Building Activities: Props Necessary

2) Name of the Game: Mine Field | Duration: 15-30 minutes | Purpose: Creative Problem Solving, Communication and Trust

Description: If your team is working on trust, this is the team building activity for you. First, find an area that has enough open space to make your “mine field”. Set up your “mines” with objects such as cones, bowling pins, foam noodles, etc. Then have your team break into groups of two. Try to be strategic when coupling the groups so they can get the most out of the exercise. For example, if there are two members of the group that frequently butt heads, pair them up to have them work on their professional relationship and communication. One team member will be blindfolded (or simply close their eyes) while they maneuver through the course, while the other stands outside of the mine field and vocally directs the blindfolded teammate to the other side, without hitting any of the mines. When they have completed the challenge, switch roles so each person can have a chance to direct and be blindfolded.

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