Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Consulting


Positive Adventures has had many successes consulting and training major players not only in San Diego’s local healthcare industry but nationwide. The effectiveness of our program has reached health centers throughout the United States, and we travel as needed.

Our programs achieve some of the following goals and are catered to each client’s specific needs:

  • Develop and implement effective communication strategies and techniques to be used with preceptees, other preceptors, and hospital staff as a whole.
  • Create feedback opportunities that allow staff to practice giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Increase participant awareness relating to teaching tools for adult learners.  Specifically adapting to instruction of distinct learning styles.
  • Hold a team-based approach that is patient-centered and reviews the importance of coordination and care between mental health, primary care, and ancillary services.
  • Seek to improve cross-section communication between specialists, cross-clinical, front desk, RNs, internal and external providers, and administrators.

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