Makin’ Apps and Takin’ Names

Sambreel is an innovative company not only within the realms of technology, but within their culture and work environment. Sambreel was named one of the top three places to work in San Diego in 2012 by the San Diego Business Journal and their company has a strong culture of high performance and talented employees.Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.55.47 PM"Sambreel is a leading developer, publisher, and distributor of popular web apps and software. Sambreel’s products and companies make the internet easier, more useful, and more fun for millions of people every day."

Ryan and the Sambreel Crew

This time, Positive Adventures’ program designers created an event that would get their employees excited and outside. We designed an Amazing Race that had them running for miles with different challenges in parks and on the Carlsbad beach.The weather was perfect and competition was in the air!

Team Purple and their "flair"


Using their "wooden resource" to reach their goal


Utilizing these boards, participants had to walk between roadblocks without touching them.


All Smiles!


Oh, team purple....we enjoyed your spirit.


Helium Hoop. Let it down slow now....


Go Green!


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And THAT is Team Work.

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Thank you, Sambreel, for a lovely afternoon. May your app makin' and name takin' continue fearlessly.

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